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  • collin kutz (Sunday, February 22 15 07:57 am EST)

    Hi coach Jenn. It\'s Gabrielle dad. You are amazing. In three lessons you have taught her to throw my favorite pitch. A STRIKE LOL. Your dedication to teaching the art of pitching oozes from every
    cell in your body. I mean really you work a double shift at knight. Then give my daughter a lesson on Saturday morning. That\'s priceless. I can\'t thank you enough.

  • Mr. S (Saturday, December 22 12 11:25 am EST)

    You were the best pitching student I ever had!

  • Wayne Jennings (Monday, October 01 12 10:15 am EDT)

    Hi Jenn, this is Skyler Jennings' dad. You asked me to email how she did in Saturday. 4 IP, 5 SO, 4 BB and left the game down 4-3 against lower Mac. We lost 6-5 to a very good team. Game 2 with our
    other two pitchers we lost 16-2. She did all the basics in her start except for the pushing off the mound. I will contact you soon about some private lessons. Thanks, Wayne.

  • Karen (Sunday, June 10 12 04:04 pm EDT)

    Jenn is simply the most effective pitching coach who has ever worked with my daughter. Jenn taught my daughter to throw a riseball when she was just 10 years old. It became her "go to" pitch, and she
    went on to earn Gatorade Player of the Year for softball when she was in high school and she now pitches in college. My daugher's softball success is in large measure attributable to Jenn. Jenn is
    the best!!!

  • Christine WIlliams (Thursday, May 31 12 10:09 pm EDT)

    I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank you for taking the time to teach Kaylah different pitching techniques. This has helped her with her pitching for the team this year. She has come a long
    way since the beginning of the season and really enjoys the sport. It's nice to see your passion and desire to help these girls improve. This league is lucky to have you working with them. Thank you
    for your time. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Traci DeSimone (Sunday, May 13 12 10:16 am EDT)

    My daughter Carissa has been recieving pitching lessons from Jenn for several months. From the first lesson there has been an amazing amount of improvement. Jenn possess all things needed to be an
    excellent instructor, not only her knowledge but the way she communicates to the girls. I recommend Jenn to anyone intersted in pitching lessons. Thank you Jenn for being not only an instructor but a
    mentor and friend to our girls.

  • Cory (Wednesday, May 09 12 02:05 pm EDT)

    Jenn does a wonderful job breaking down the pitching process and makes the experience fun for all levels.

  • Jason Dreisbach (Wednesday, May 09 12 12:21 pm EDT)

    I first want to thank Jenn for taking the time to work with my daughter. This is my 8 year old daughters first year pitching. Jenn obviously has the knowledge and experience for all levels of
    pitching. A couple things that stand out is her communication skills and personality, my younger daughter is able to understand and grasp what she is trying to get across and she always looks forward
    to her next lesson. Thanks again!!!

  • Maureen Kiley (Wednesday, May 09 12 10:40 am EDT)

    I have had the privilege to have Jenn work with my 12 year old daughter as well as about 25 other girls from our softball league since last winter and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her
    and the way she teaches pitching. Jenn breaks the basics down to make it easy for girls as young as 7 to understand but challenging enough that our 12 and 13 year old girls are benefiting incredibly.
    To get to see the progress the girls have made in the past few months is amazing and to get to see how well they respond to Jenn's wonderfully upbeat and positive attitude is fantastic as well. Jenn
    not only teaches pitching but also takes the time to talk to the girls about working hard and the process and commitment needed to become not only a successful pitcher but a successful adult. I am
    looking forward to Jenn working with the girls of our league for as long as possible and know that it will help us to reach a higher level of competition.

  • Tony Woltal (Wednesday, May 09 12 09:32 am EDT)

    My daughter has been taking lessons with Jenn for the last few months. She knew nothing about fastpitch softball pitching when she started and Jenn was very patient and worked with her to understand
    the basics. I have seen a great deal of improvement over the last two months. Jenn is knowledgeable, patient and a great person. I would recommend to any parent looking for fast pitch instruction to
    contact Jenn!

  • Chuck Wagner (Wednesday, May 09 12 09:19 am EDT)

    I was really impressed with the way Jenn Handled my daughter. She has the personality and technique that kept her interested and wanting to learn more. We will continue to schedule sessions.

  • Timothy Burger (Tuesday, May 08 12 08:20 pm EDT)

    Jenn is an AWESOME trainer!! Great with the girls! This is my daughters first year of windmill pitching and after FIRST lesson had her throwing down the middle. Had several pitching lessons with her
    and plan on MANY MORE!! She corrected things I couldn't see as a parent, as I was focusing on where the ball was going at the end of her wind-up. Looking forward to get to the next lesson!!

  • Joanne Leight (Monday, April 16 12 10:13 pm EDT)

    Jenn was my teammate for years. She was one of the best pitchers I ever played with or against, and we played against the best in the country. You can't go wrong getting pitching lessons from her.
    She knows how to pitch, and more importantly, how to teach pitching. She is a wonderful role model for young girls and I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning how to pitch.

  • Tom (Tuesday, March 20 12 10:30 pm EDT)

    My daughter Erica has been working with Jenn for roughly 9 months now. She liked Jenn's style of pitching from the first lesson, and has been working hard ever since. This spring she will be pitching
    for her school (7th and 8th grade) as well as her ASA team. Jenn is an excellent teacher, mentor, and friend to our aspiring athletes.

  • Tony Christopher (Tuesday, March 20 12 02:45 pm EDT)

    Had one lesson and saw improvement in speed and accuracy.

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